Day 8 – The EAGLE is coming home

Day 8 – The EAGLE is coming home

Early in the morning the time had come for us to go back home. We assembled in front of the hostel at 5:30, with most of us still being half asleep. A bus drove us to the airport of Tallinn and it was the first trip we made in a bus with just ourselves that did not include playing ‘Fuifje’ on repeat.

After arriving at the airport and making it through security (even Nicky did), we got some breakfast. Surprisingly the group of people that went on a coffee tour every morning did not get coffee now this early. Glad we were finally able to catch up on some more sleep, many of us took this chance. Especially the people who bought their souvenir pillow pets enjoyed the two hours high up in the sky.

Later, after we arrived at Schiphol and walked the entire marathon distance from the gate to the luggage collection, our flock of EAGLEs was split. The majority took the train to Eindhoven while some others were picked up by their parents.

Eventually all of us arrived home safely, which ended this wonderful trip to Latvia and Estonia. A number of EAGLEs from the flock came to Het Walhalla where we immediately shared all our memories about cold pancakes (which we did not like), kroketten, the enormous amounts of burgers and dill and of course our beloved Els. This will be a trip to remember.

Heleen en Jos